Why nobody thought about this solution ?

I guess it's mainly because the knowledge necessary can't be handeled by only one person but is at the corner of very specific disciplines : process, rotating and package.

Energy is for free but investment is not !

Exact, without correct research and developpment, the investement necessary to produce this kind of energy (~50 MM$ for 1 Mw during 20 years => 0.3 $ per kWh) is not yet competitive face to the oil or nuclear but interesting compare to over green energy as solar or wind as producing full time.

So please help us to develop this solution to make is cost effective as reducing cost is the only way to make this non polluting energy happen.

Investment level reached :

Research level Investment level necessary Results Planning
Theoretical with friends 20 $ (website cost) Maybe never Over free time
Lab prototype (1 Kw) 1.5 MM$ 1 Kw overunity proof 3 years
Industrial prototype (1 Mw) ~ 50 MM$ 1 Mw functional 7 years
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Compagny investment (Research support): admin@free-green-energy.com

Total amount reached until today : Nothing !

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