Welcome to the site that will blow your mind !

No tremendous breakthrough technology here but a judicious association of technologies that once merged will save the planet !

The principle is extremely simple : extract the heat present in our environment instead of burning something so without creating pollution.

How can it be possible : due to the fact that transferring heat cost less electrical energy than creating heat with electricity using the same principle as air conditioning in reverse mode.

Heat pump principle

1. transfer the heat to a device

2. expand gas = cool down

3. Get the heat from ambient

4. Compress = warm up

Such thermal pump can have thermal efficiency of 400% (typical good brand ) compared to electrical consumption (how it works : link)           

Stirling engine

The key point is to convert the heat obtained with the correct device: a Stirling engine that convert the heat into mechanical energy (how it works : link) and a classic alternator that convert the mechanical energy into electricity.

Now, the loop is closed, the electricity will feed the compressor of the heat pump (efficiency 400%) and the heat is converted by the Stirling (theoretically 50% efficiency but let's say 30% in real world) : 400% * 30% = 120% of production !!!

That what's called OverUnity ! And it based only on association of devices existing at least since the 60's. Now, let's make it... Research page